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Women's accessories brand Spring Court is the quintessential French sneaker and is renowned for its unparalleled comfort.

In 1936 Georges Grimmeisen, a tennis lover, invented the Spring Court. This revolutionary shoe was breathable, made of cotton canvas and had a vulcanized rubber sole. The tennis shoe, designed for play on clay, was quickly adopted by professional and amateur players. It reigned on tennis courts until the late 70s.  The 1960s transformed all walks of life. For the first time, sports shoes were worn off the playing field. People protested, danced and lived in Spring Court shoes. They were worn by rock stars, artists and the general population as a whole. Wearing Spring Courts was a subtle way of affirming oneself, stating a refusal to conform. In the 90s, the fashion scene gave the iconic brand a new impetus. The Spring Court style affirms itself by revisiting urban cultures. Fashion changes, collections reflect the seasons, but the original style is eternal.

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