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Women's clothing brand Morrison Clothing was established in Fremantle, Western Australia when husband and wife team Richard Poulson and Kylie Radford, assisted by their loyal dog, a Kelpie Cross ‘Morrison’, opened their first store in in 2002.

Radford then designed a pair of pants that became know as the ‘good butt pants’ that sold over 25,000 units. She went on to design a new collection each season, that she began selling nationally. It is from here the company has grown to become a highly respected fashion label in Australia. This women’s wear label has now has over 70 staff, eight flagship stores and over 100 retailers nationally, including Myer.

The fashion brand’s philosophy is all about relaxed silhouettes with a focus on beautiful detailing and luxurious natural fabrics. Their collections are about balancing fashion with classic simplicity, elegance and timeless beauty. The label’s foundation is based on quality, style and design, while creating the fashion silhouette for women to feel empowered, feminine and beautiful. An organic essence is reflected through every aspect of the brand. the WA-based brand is renowned for its elegant, wholesome basics that compose the fundamentals of a woman’s wardrobe.

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