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Timeless simplicity In elegance Is the ethos of Australian women's clothing brand Bird and Kite. Devoted to the nature of woman, this fashion label is cherished worn, loved, adored……

Fashion designer Jodi Gibbs, created her women’s wear label with a fresh vision in mind: to capture the essence of the wild and the endless beauty of the Australian landscape and to bring it together to come up with a feminine look.

Bird and Kite is a fusion of nature and humanity. Bird being born of nature and kite, born of mankind, both evocative of flight and freedom. Each design is inspired by the shapes and subtle hues of the natural world reflecting the whimsical changes of the seasons and light. Sand, sea, sky, desert, stone is embodied in shape, form and colour in designs that drape the body and become woman.

Designer Jodi Gibbs has captured the essential magic of these elements in her divinely feminine garments. Simple, understated, timeless yet relevant to every woman, a magnetic vitality woven into every piece.

This brand is the purveyor of quality in all aspects of the design process. Natural textiles that kiss the skin, delicate hand stitching, silk and cotton woven embellishments, signature printed fabric and unique dying techniques are used in collaboration with a huge amount of love, heart and integrity.

It is with this inspiration that Bird & Kite is shared with the world.

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