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Women's clothing brand American Vintage is truly the story of one man : Michaël Azoulay.

This young thirty-something Marseille self-made man, characterized by his outspokenness, has gifted his Brand its main qualities : simplicity and authenticity.
By dint of hard work and passion, Michaël Azoulay, whose future in textiles could not have been predicted, succeeded in setting up his own Brand.
He built up his commercial skills in the field which gave him the ability to have a global and realistic vision of the creation and commercial development of a brand.

On the lookout for a new innovative concept and inspired by his numerous trips abroad, Michaël Azoulay launched in 2005 a new T-shirt line with a sportswear edge. The cotton fabrics undergo special treatments : they are brushed, rolled, raw-cut, etc. to give them that loose edge typical of the brand. The first basic items appeared on the scene in warm and bright colors but it is truly in 2006 that Michaël Azoulay gave the Tee a feminine touch by adding some European sensitivity to the American basic.

The year 2006 laid the foundations of the fashion label : a silky hand, airy, soft, fluffy fabrics, refreshing tones and flattering feminine lines. Then already known as the French specialist in colour and his essentials considered as fashion must-haves, his concept evolved towards full outfits. Whether sophisticated, casual or original, each and every woman can travel as she wishes in the labe’s world. Driven by his success in women’s wear, he launched his first men’s line in 2008 : easy T-shirts for men seeking quality and simplicity. A color palette ranging from neutral to bright tones : a line of basic essentials for modern men !

The collection gradually expanded and welcomed more structured styles to make the line more fashionable but still accessible to all.
The combinations are sophisticated and urban, but also rock, in other words, a dream versatile wardrobe !
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