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Written In The Stars - 2020 collection from By Charlotte


Posted on December 10 2020

Written In The Stars - 2020 collection from By Charlotte

The Written In The Stars 2020 collection from By Charlotte is a celestial inspired jewellery range. This jewels collection features a heavenly assortment of both delicate and statement jewels that have been beautifully battered to evoke the energy of the mystical universe. The collection is a collaboration between jewellery label By Charlotte and spiritual astrologer and cosmic guide, Amy McDermott of Sisters Village. Charged with inspiring and empowering mantras engraved on the back of each pendant, wear the zodiac necklaces as well as the birthstone pendants as a reminder that you have the power to write your own divine destiny in the stars. 

Embrace the magic with the new jewels from the Written In The Stars collection from By Charlotte !

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Each magical adornment has been imbued with cosmic vibrations, and was designed to be worn as a personal reminder to live life intuitively and be the creator of your own destiny. Sparkling constellations are reimagined through crystal encrusted rings and bracelets, while twisted and battered hoops represent the winding shapes of distant galaxies in the cosmos.

By understanding your own unique connections with the stars, you can find hidden wisdom that can transform your understanding of yourselves and allow you to harness the magic within.

We often gaze at the heavens in wonder, seeking to understand our place in the universe but all our answers can be found within.

Your potential is infinite, so remember to tune into your innate intuition and trust that everything is unfolding as it is meant to be.

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