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Mii Amo - Summer 2019 collection by Second Female


Posted on September 16 2019

Mii Amo summer 2019 collection by Second Female online at PAYA Boutique

Mii Amo Summer 2019 collection by Second Female takes you to the red hues of the Arizona desert. Hidden in a nowhere land is a magical place called Mii Amo. The name means “Your path” and is steeped in the sacred Native American culture of the desert in Sedona, Arizona. It is a Zen place. A place for pause and a time for moments.
In a world saturated by the pressure to keep up in an ever on going rapidly pace, the danish fashion label wanted to push everything back to a slower pace of life that embraces a peaceful lifestyle. In this Mii Amo summer 2019 collection by Second Female, the brand focused on design with a high level of details, extravagant fabrics in natural fibers, breathtaking prints and clothes that make women feel confident.

Second Female Mii Amo summer 2019 collection online at PAYA Boutique

This seasonal range titled “Mii Amo” is a colorful journey for the eye and in the mind. The brown colors are almost burning as the stones during sunset. The yellow from the burning sun is a gradient from pale yellow to dark orange. The glowing sand in the desert and the clear green cactus that pops up everywhere. The fresh blue from where the infinity pool meets the blue sky and the feminine pink apricot color from the barre botanic.
Summer 2019 is a spiritual experience with magical elements. You have to imagine beautiful summer nights with a clear night sky, sparkling moon and the sound of the desert. A day in the desert is also an adventures day with discovering old caves and secret places. It is a look into the world of the old American Natives with their story telling and visual references as patterns, stripes and voluminous fabrics. Their lifestyle with hiking in the mountains, surviving in the bold nature and living as a united family.
These old American Native women were powerful and strong and so are the women dressed with this collection. Mii Amo Summer 2019 collection by Second Female is the place where peaceful living meets the contemporary woman, so prepare yourself for a feminine, relaxed and confident.

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